Our advantages in TD «CHIN-RU activities»:

Traditional conditions to supply consignment to Russia (98% of contracts) are EXW, FOB and CIF terms. However the main problems and risks of importers in Russia are concentrated in the sphere of ​​ maintenance and providing FEA and implementation of foreign trade deals, including in customs, monetary and financial transactions. It makes Russians and Chinese companies (residents and nonresidents) find opportunities to free from these problematic activities or handle them to someone else.

Complexity of conducting and implementing of transactions (FEA, customs, logistics, currency transactions, certification, reporting, verification and control), and then the price of the goods and cost of delivery influence on selection of Chinese manufacturers and supply their products to Russia.

The undisputed competitive advantages for Chinese companies operating in Russia are two important factors:

1. Ability to release your Russian buyer from the problems and risks with customs, i.e. work on DDP terms of supply.

2. The ability to offer your goods in Russia directly to any buyer and in rubles, i.e., release the buyers from conducting FEA, customs, monetary and financial operations and reporting.

It is possible if you use our services "FEA-outsourcing."

Our suggestions that we offer will provide you with a tremendous advantage in Russia and the uniqueness of the offer and sales their products.

3. In addition, deliveries to Russia on DDP terms (item 1) or direct sales of Chinese goods for Russians in rubles (2):

-          significantly reduce the number of intermediaries in the chain of sales to the final consumer

-          attract new customers from small and medium-sized businesses and new customers from the region that are not a participant of FEA.

-          open the door to participate in deliveries and tenders of public companies and state organizations.

-          deny the opportunity for your Russian customers and distributors to use "grey" schemes of customs clearance in Russia, which increases the reliability of your business, image and the safety of Chinese companies accredited and selling with Russia.

The unique and undeniable advantages mentioned above we can add a whole range of other benefits which our Chinese clients and customers receive:

  1. To work with Russia, Chinese companies are no longer required:

-          to be a resident or to open a full-fledged representative office in Russia

-          unnecessary to be in Russia a participant of foreign trade and orientate in conducting and maintaining of FEA in customs, foreign exchange and tax legislation.

  1. Chinese companies can do calculations with the Russian manufacturer or buyers in rubles getting it in China in dollars or Yuan.
  2. Our Chinese customers pay for merchandise purchased in Russia, with a delay, in installments or on letter of credit. And for the sold goods in Russia you can receive payment before sending them from Chinese territory.
  3. When you buy products in Russia, you only pay for what you ordered at the Russians manufacturer and received in China, but not for that you can be sent and brought to China.
  4. You and only you accept the final decision on the transaction and on a Russian partner. We calculate, analyze, recommend and execute.
  5. We protect your interests at all stages of the transaction, from the beginning of negotiations with the Russian company till transfer yours cargo in Russia or when you buy and get cargo in China. Yours contract will be drawn up by the professional lawyers, logistics specialists, customs officers, financiers.
  6. Risks and problems, verifications and inspections related with the performance of foreign trade contract, conduct of FEA, customs and reporting in Russia will go under responsibilities and you shouldn't worry about it absolutely.
  7. You work with one contractor and in the legislative environment of your country. We are responsible to you for everything that happens during the execution of your deal from China to Russia.
  8. You will not have problems with a Russian partner, we will find someone who you need and we will check it thoroughly, as deep as you might be interested. We will control its performance or production during the entire transaction.
  9. You do not need to maintain a large staff in Russia. We will establish for you a relevant subdivision of procurement specialists, and FEA, logistics and customs, foreign currency transactions and accounting, law, etc. Take upon yourself only the control of the transaction. With us, as with professionals, it will be easy to work. You will not feel disappointed to work with Russia.
  10. In China we have our own company with a license for the export-import operations, and in Russia we have license All-Russian customs representative without limitation branch of activities
  11. Using the Internet, you can conduct negotiations with the Russian partner and with us in the mode of a video conference from anywhere in the world.
  12. Our responsibility to you is insured for 1000 000 dollars (USA), and to Russian customs on 1000 000 Euro. We do not just respond, we respond with money.
  13. On each deal and on each delivery you will receive a full report with all financial, transportation, customs and other documents.
  14. You are forever immune from the problems and issues from the side of the Russian government. Your business, company and you are protected from the claims on the part of supervisory authority of the Russian Federation.

Does it seem fantastic? So our customers thought!

We have been working for 15 years with China and 21 years in Russia in the sphere of FEA, logistics and customs.

We know - What, Where, with Whom, When and How. And we continue to study.

With the Trade House «CHIN-RU» Business with Russia is reliable, efficient and easy!






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